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AMPLIFY your Message, Tribe and Income

October 30, 2018

When I first started my business a few years ago, terms like ‘alignment’ and ‘ease’ sounds like great buzz words to use but I honestly couldn’t articulate them when I was talking about my own business.

Working hard and hustling isn’t easy, it’s hard but it’s also what I thought was necessary to run a business. But the bigger problem was that it wasn’t working for me...I was getting nowhere no matter how hard I was pushing.

I decided to make some changes because I couldn’t keep going at that pace. I took a look at what I was doing that I LOVED doing and started to focus on that. How could what was fun and easy for me start to grow into a business. Once I did that, everything shifted.

I was doing all the same work that I was forcing into my business before but suddenly it became easier. It was less effort to be consistent and people were responding. The energy I was putting out there really shifted and others could feel that.

It felt inflow to reach out to my audience and make offers to help...

October 22, 2018

I was craving to grow my business in a real way, trying to find the perfect funnel, the perfect launch program, even toyed with different programs to create. Then I stopped and realized I had the perfect solution to getting quick results in my business ALREADY!

A year earlier I started a local meet up called TRIBE. It's a women's empowerment group that was born from a deep desire for community. I curated speakers and locations...but what I was also doing was creating real relationships with the women who attended.

You know...those genuine connections everyone is saying you really need to grow your business. I was doing it with women who showed up for the first time or the 5th.

Once that clicked for me, I started to notice something INCREDIBLE:

by me really getting to know my TRIBE and taking a genuine interest in them turned them into not only the event's biggest fans, but mine as well.

  1. There are so many examples of how putting the focus on the relationship has grown my business:

  2. T...

October 22, 2018

So many women I know who want to start or grow their business are already doing so many of the right things. Like growing a community (that could look like an email list, a blog, a Facebook group, in-person meetups), creating and posting content that educates and adds value, engaging with people and building relationships, showing up as their real vulnerable selves. But many aren’t doing a major thing making offers.

They often feel stuck on the ‘sales‘ not feeling good or they don’t want to feel like they are pressuring their amazing community. And, god forbid that they make money on something they are this passionate about!

I get it, I was 100% there.

Then I realized my community wanted MORE! The more I engaged with them, the more they wanted AND the more I knew what they were looking to learn.

So when I finally made my first program and put the offer out, I sold it out with 100% take up! That’s to say, everyone, I spoke to about it, purchased it.

The time and effort I had previously put i...

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