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AMPLIFY your Message, Tribe and Income

December 29, 2018

40 things I’ve learned or done or loved before 40 my reverse bucket list, if you will.

Disclaimer - I am a slow learner!! So while many of these would be obvious to you...I likely just learned this...

How often do we sit down and really take an inventory of things we have accomplished or AHAs we had over the course of our life?

For me it was not often...ok it was not at all.

So to celebrate myself which is something I have also never really done I decided to challenge myself to making a list of 40. And of course that means I’m challenging you to do this as well! need to be 40...any/every age will work, also a birthday isn’t required 😉

I feel so incredibly blessed! 💜

1. I am a storyteller, those of you who know me best say DUH...but being told I have poor communication skills for so long made me take a long time to claim this!
2. All my feelings are OK (I used to think I was bad or wrong for feeling blah) - duh it’s so normal! 
3. Do things before I think I’m ready
4. Figure it out...

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