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AMPLIFY your Message, Tribe and Income

May 6, 2019

Indecision keeps us comfortable, small, stuck, safe, anxious

OK...ENOUGH with the waffling.

I want to challenge and provoke you. I am still the same supportive, caring coach you know and love...I am just pushing you to a new level.

When you are making a BIG decision...especially something in the direction of your VISION and dream, you know the answer. YOU do. Two things are at are in denial of what your soul is telling you, or you are in fear to (REALLY) do something about it. This is when you know it’s time to get real with yourself. You get to TRUST yourself...listen to what you have to say. You do have the answers inside yourself!

My point is, the only thing really stopping you is you. Everything else you tell yourself is just a story. Which is awesome news and also kinda crappy news. But on the good side is that now you can do something about it!

You get to I committed to my fear or my vision. That’s it. That is the only decision.

Recently I was feeling stuck where...

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