Amplify your Impact  is a one-day business and leadership building event for women who want to create impact and legacy in their life!


Every participant will have the opportunity to create connection and clarify their vision so they can create more impact and income in their life and business.








This is for women who want to

  • Get out of their own way 

  • Take their life and business to the next level

  • Rock their financial goals

  • Feel both valued and rewarded for their hard work

  • Create harmony in their lives









This is ALL about empowering women to live life on their own terms.

AMPLIFY your Impact
Oct 18, 2019, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Caesars Windsor (Augustus Ballroom),
377 Riverside Dr E, Windsor, ON N9A 7H7, Canada



Session 1 

What's your Vision?

Deb Sluys




Debbi Sluys enjoys two careers.  One as a Child Care Director of a multi-site organization and the other as an entrepreneur of a coaching company specializing in personal development through Vision Boards.  She specializes in helping people elevate and improve their physical, mental and spiritual well-being, expanding the brain’s potential, and with living intentionally in a state of gratitude and kindness. With nearly 30 years experience in early childhood education development Debbi has gathered a wealth of valuable knowledge about the power of mindset, visioning and success.  

Debbi has studied personal development and success for over 20 years, leading people to become their best selves. 

Debbi is an enthusiastic and caring Mother, loves children, creativity, travel and sunrises. She is inspired to be living her life’s passion and purpose helping people to vision and soar!

Session 2

What's Stopping You?

Valerie Cap

Val Cap knows first hand what happens when you step away from the "safety" of a corporate job and onto the rollercoaster ride of a lifetime- entrepreneurship. While nothing can quite prepare you for anticipation of the steep climbs, the exhilarating feeling of flying down the tracks, the sudden twists and turns and sometimes the upside down loop, she believes that it is much easier when you have the support of someone sitting next to you whose been on the ride before. Which is why Val is a business coach for successful women who are ready to launch their dream coaching business so they can do deeply rewarding work that transforms other people's lives. 


In the "What's Stopping You?" session, Val is going to share how you identify and bust through the very limiting beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your goal- whether that is in business or not. You walk away feeling ready to take on the world...one step at a time.


When she's not researching her next travel destination or connecting with other amazing change-makers, she is spending time with her 8 year old son and her handsome husband. She is equally moved by an amazing bottle of red as by a great fitting pair of jeans. And yes, she may sound a bit funny- considering she's American!


Session 3

Clarity and Focus

Candice Allen

Candice Allen has been a high school teacher and counsellor with the public school board for the last 15 years. In 2015, following a dark time in her life and a personal rebirth so to speak, Candice launched her mentoring business and named it Phoenix Rising. Just like the mythical bird, rising from the ashes, Candice assists her clients as they shift their perspective to one of personal empowerment and redefine their identity to match the person they are meant to be today. 

Using her 8 defining principles, Candice brings clarity and focus to your current situation by finding peace in the past that has brought you to where you are and freeing yourself from worrying about what the future has in store. Her strategies will help you to keep moving forward and will get you back on track when you veer into old habits. 

Candice is a loving wife and mother to two teens, and a toddler but she is first and foremost a powerful and dynamic individual, passionate about supporting others as they journey through their own personal transformation.

Lunch Session

Unleash your

Feminine Power

Shazia Imam

Shazia Imam, The Life Engineer, is an award-winning speaker, and host of the Top 12 Podcast - Feminine & Fulfilled. As a recovering people-pleasing perfectionist, Shazia Imam knows all too well the empty feeling even when you seem to, quote/unquote, “have it all.” After experiencing her own life fall apart after losing her son and then husband, Shazia realized it was a Divine push to begin living her REAL life. This lead to traveling the world, meeting her soulmate, and living her passion. A passion which involves women unleashing their WHOLE selves to feel fulfilled, happy and whole. Isn't life more fabulous that way?! :) 

Session 4

Mindset, Money

and Abundance

Donna Cornelius

Donna Cornelius’ official title is CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and Board President of LINC. Hired by Lehigh University and a task force of employers; she was asked to build and create this organization and then has spent the last 4 ½ years running it. It is now being recognized by cities across North America. For over 30+ years Donna has been an entrepreneur, business owner, and marketing consultant working with large corporations and other privately owned businesses. Donna is a Certified Biblical Counselor and Mind and Spiritual Coach. She is also co-owner of Beautiful You 24 that she runs with her sister (a nutrition educator and coach). Together they teach others how to live a beautiful life – body, mind and spirit.  And if that weren’t enough she does business coaching and is an independent distributor for Modere.


The Why behind it all: I believe in living an abundant life and it begins with connection to people, knowledge and living my most extraordinary life!


My Life: I am a firm believer that we get to create our own path – sometimes daily. We only ever have two choices in life. And we get to enjoy the journey – whatever path that might be on.  I have been married to Larry for 28 years and we have three amazing adult children of whom we are very proud, Chelsea, successful spa business owner; Quentin, a police officer and Sergeant in the National Guard; and Austin who just graduated college and is still figuring out his path.


Session 5

Leadership & Influence

Jessica Burrell (your host)

Session 6

What's your Plan?

Marti Ouellette

Marti Ouellette has been successful transforming organizations into competitive, market-driven entities by successfully leading high-performance teams in business restructurings, turnarounds, and startup situations.  She has more than 25 years of experience in project management in multiple industries including aerospace, consumer goods, electronics, public utilities and healthcare. 

Marti is an Empowerment Coach and Success Strategist.    As a recovering workaholic, former supply chain professional and certified Project Management Professional, she has walked in the shoes of overwhelm.  Using her unique methodology, Marti helps women entrepreneurs and women in leadership recognize their limiting beliefs, step out from behind their overwhelm mask, recognize their own power and live their life of abundance, gratitude and joy.

Hosted by:

Jessica Burrell


Jessica is a business launch and community growth  coach. 

Driven female entrepreneurs hire her to help get them out of their comfort zones. 

Because most don’t have support, lack clarity and crave community. 

She supports them to create focus and build  community in order to call in their dream clients. 

Ultimately, she helps them create a vision for their business, implement a proven system, take action and create the time and financial freedom they desire!

She has been hosting community groups for almost 3 years, knowing that there is nothing more powerful than a strong community of women who support each other and chose collaboration over competition!

She has an incredibly supportive partner Corrie and three amazing daughters, Amelia, Presley and Vaunne who are why she strives to be the best role model she can, to show them that anything is possible for them in their life!