About Jessica

Jessica Burrell is a business launch and community growth  coach. 


Driven female entrepreneurs hire her to help get them out of their comfort zones. 


Because most don’t have support, lack clarity and crave community. 


She supports them to create focus and build  community in order to call in their dream clients. 


Ultimately, she helps them create a vision for their business, implement a proven system, take action and create the time and financial freedom they desire!

Curator of AMPLIFY -


a women's empowerment group that creates relationships, community and connection through authentic and vulnerable conversation and storytelling.


Shows women that there is nothing more powerful for their business, self or results than when people create genuine relationships with you and they feel heard, seen and understood in the process. 



Leading by example - 


Mother of 3 daughters, determined to show them everything that is possible for them if they follow their hearts and passions.


Partner of an avid hunter and fisherman. They are always challenging each other in creating a life they love. They dream and plan together to create their life by design not reacting to it by default.

I would love to help you reach your goals.


If you have questions about where to start on your path, let's connect to find the perfect fit for you to reach your goals! Book a FREE 30 min call with me here !!


You can also send me an email- I can't wait to help you on your journey!


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