FAQ - Amplify your Impact Conference

Q - Is this only for Entrepreneurs?

A - NO!! This is for any woman who wants to create more impact in her life!

Q - What's included in the price for vendor tables?

A - Each vendor table has two tickets associated with it...so you are able to have the vendor table (with access to almost 200 attendees - see the vendor and sponsorship link for demographics)

Q - I want to go, but have to work, what are my options?

A - Book a vacation day at work...if you want to attend, listen to that voice inside you. If you had to take time of for your kids or other family member, would you hesitate? Treat yourself the same way!

Q - What if an emergency comes up and I am no longer able to attend?

A - If an emergency comes up, email Jessica at:


The refund policy is 90% until Sept 30th, 50% until October 11 and no refund after that.