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Self Love <3

My own self love has been something I've been working on for the past couple years. It's something I work on almost daily and something I am proud to say that I cultivate in myself.

It was not always like this. I've struggled with low self esteem for several years. When I really dug in to do the work, it was an aspect of myself I wanted to focus on. I knew that by focusing on my own self esteem and self love, it would set an example for those around me, most notably my 3 daughters.

But how do you even begin the process when you can't even imagine using the words self love to describe yourself?

There are a few things that I personally found that helped me the most! The first two are kind of obvious but I feel like the other three are not as evident.

1) Hiring a personal trainer. At first it was to improve how my body looked and I put in the work and my physical appearance did change for the better, but more importantly and what I found was that I was more proud of myself for committing to the process and showing up daily/weekly. The best changes in my body came from seeing my strength increase, my range of motion get better and seeing myself do exercised and moves that I didn't even thing I could tackle. Seeing those improvements increased my self confidence and I allowed myself to be incredibly proud of myself!

2) Meal Plan and Prep. Being organized with my meals helped me feel in control of my week. I knew what I was eating and it was ready for me when I needed it (I've been known to get a little hangry ;) ). What I learned from this process was how much I needed the order in my life and saved my mental space thinking about 'what's for dinner' and it also showed me how much better I felt when I ate healthy meals.

3) Goal Setting. Goal setting and working towards goals that really light you up are a great way to build confidence. You can start with small goals and as you start crushing them, you can start to increase those goals. It feels incredible to set a goal for yourself like running a marathon, for example. When you work hard, feel the ups and downs of training and when you finally cross the finish line, the feeling is indescribable. You truly feel invincible. You see what you ARE capable of and prove it to yourself!

4) Find your TRIBE. My mom might have been on to something when she didn't want me hanging around people she thought were a bad influence. I thought I was stronger than the peer pressure. And I was but that doesn't mean that my friends words and actions didn't eventually seep into my own. As a woman now, I work very hard to surround myself with other people who share my positive values, and love me enough to continue to push me to my upper limits. Their energy lifts me up and my energy lifts them up. Sometimes it's not easy to weed out those who drain your energy, but boundaries have to be set for your own well being and growth!

5) Get OUT of your comfort zone! When I really started doing things out side of my comfort zone and seeing it wasn't so bad after all, my self love went through the roof (at least on the days were i really pushed out of my zone). I went on my first retreat and it was incredible! It's what inspired me to create and lead my first retreat (this Oct)! I walked away with so much confidence, value and action items that I really wanted to pay it forward to other ladies in my tribe looking to bust through their comfort zones. If you have a pull to give a retreat a try, or just want more information, check out www.jessicaburrell.com/retreat , fill out the form, and let's chat!

What are you doing to work on your self love? If you need support with any items,

shoot me a message, I would love to support you!

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