• Jessica Burrell

What do I want?

I used to have anxiety attacks…they would seemingly come out of nowhere and I’d be driving home from work and I had to pull over, or take off my jacket or even undo my blouse because the restriction in my chest felt like too much. This was my body’s way of telling me something was up. I ignored it, and it kept happening, more frequently and I continued to ignore it. Then it was spilling over into other times where I wasn’t driving, then I found myself getting them at home and hiding in a closet waiting for it to subside. I realized at this point (yes, it took me a while) something was wrong. At first I didn’t know what was wrong…well actually, in hindsight, I would argue that I knew exactly WHAT was wrong but was TERRIFIED to admit it to myself. I knew something had to change, I knew I wanted a better life for my girls and myself! So I started to take the steps to figure out how to make change. I starting asking myself what I wanted, and I started listening, but more importantly I started to take steps to do things I wanted to do. I would try something and see how it felt and if I liked it, I did it again, if I didn’t, I stopped. When I needed help to get started on my journey or break through bigger challenges along the way, I invested in myself and worked with a coach. As I talk to more and more women, I see that I was not so unique in what I was dealing with. So many other amazing women deal with similar feelings and issues, which is what inspired me to start coaching other women. Now, I'm listening to what I am being called to do and I'm JUMPING with my first online coaching group! I'm launching a BETA coaching test group working with women who want to stop feeling so overwhelmed with their daily activities, make more time for themselves, feel confident, happy and calm. This program is right for you if you are ready to start making small changes to get back in touch with yourself and continue to be a role model for your family. This is a two month course starting on Monday January 8, 2018. If you are interested and want to learn more or see if it’s a right fit, fill out the form so we can chat further: www.jessicaburrell.com/talktome

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