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Organic Growth power to leverage for your business

It seems that every other article I’m reading is about how to grow your email list FAST, how to double the size of your Facebook Group overnight and that will lead to fast sales.

But what you might end up with is people who are not your target market, not engaged and don’t know, like or trust you yet.

Well, if that’s not the way to more growth and sales in your business, what should you be doing?

There is nothing I have seen play out more effectively with my clients, myself and my mentors than building relationships with people. This way they geIt to know you, learn to trust you and grow to like or even love you. When that happens, they talk about you to ANYONE and EVERYONE who will listen...and in turn, those people will start to follow, ask to join your group or reach out to you.

This creates a warm market of people who are engaged and now all you have to do is nurture and serve your current community.

Here is a perfect example!

One of my clients is a powerful wellness coach and personal trainer. She is one of the most consistent and dedicated people I know. She also has an incredible personal story of how she decided to make changes and transform her own life.

She provides so much value, motivation and content on her personal Facebook page, but wanted to dig deeper and serve her clients so they could get the results they are looking for.

We had a conversation about her wanting to provide more value to her clients in a more intimate way, and we identified some mindset blocks she needed to remove. After only a couple conversations, she realized that she already had a strong ‘following’ but wasn’t putting them into a separate space to nurture them even more and watch them grow. After only a couple of posts talking about her new Facebook group, she had an overwhelming interest from those that were already loving her daily posts and they wanted MORE!

They had gotten to know her, liked and trusted her from following her and her incredible consistency.

Now, she had a captive audience that she can add even more value to and they are a warm market, just ready for her to take them to the next level of wellness coaching with a higher level program!

Now, let's be clear!! Just because we are talking about organic growth, doesn't’ mean you just sit back and wait for your group or list to grow because people are seeking you out. You obviously have skin in the game, you are building your empire**, you have work to do!! (**building my empire is a term my branding guru taught me, PM me for an intro)

Here is a tip - you must be putting out relevant content on a consistent basis. Regular content that is organized with the main themes about the service you provide deepens the know, like and trust factor with your audience.

Is your content game strong? I offer free check ups - send an email to jessicaburrellhealth@gmail.com to set one up!

But what If you are newer to business and navigating your way to building a community? Where should you start? Yes online is a great way but in my opinion,the BEST way to build relationships is to attend an in-person meet up!

Start looking for opportunities to get out and meet other people. The first step would be to find an event that YOU would be interested in and go see how many people you meet that you are able to serve.

When you are ‘live’, you can observe body language and tone, you have real-time interactions with other people and you can see if they are a right fit for the program that you offer.

Today, I have a mini challenge for you and your business around growth. This can apply if you are new to business or if you are already running a successful business. This is also highly applicable if you are running a service based business of your own, a direct sales partnership, online or brick and mortar.


That is it. Sometimes we get caught up in adding people to our groups because we think we should be or are told it’s the best way. Sometimes we put out content and wonder why no one is engaging. And even sometimes, we sit there and wonder why aren’t my clients coming to me after I announced my new business or program.

Create a post that talks about your kick-ass email list, or your super fun and engaging Facebook group and then ASK people to join!

Comment below with how you are going to ask people to join your email list or FB group!!

Stuck on this? PM me for a free call and we can unstick this together!

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