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How I had a 100% conversation rate on my 1st program and how you can too.

So many women I know who want to start or grow their business are already doing so many of the right things. Like growing a community (that could look like an email list, a blog, a Facebook group, in-person meetups), creating and posting content that educates and adds value, engaging with people and building relationships, showing up as their real vulnerable selves. But many aren’t doing a major thing making offers.

They often feel stuck on the ‘sales‘ not feeling good or they don’t want to feel like they are pressuring their amazing community. And, god forbid that they make money on something they are this passionate about!

I get it, I was 100% there.

Then I realized my community wanted MORE! The more I engaged with them, the more they wanted AND the more I knew what they were looking to learn.

So when I finally made my first program and put the offer out, I sold it out with 100% take up! That’s to say, everyone, I spoke to about it, purchased it.

The time and effort I had previously put into our relationship made it a simple yes for them!

I realized right after that initial program offering that I had everything I needed for a successful business, I just need to OFFER something that they wanted.

I would love to help you launch your first program or even, your business.

Check out my Amplify program here.

I remember when one of my clients asked me:

"What elements do I need before creating my workshop?"

It made me laugh because she has a great and engaged community and she has incredible skills to serve her clients.

I said you already have everything you need, pick a date for your workshop and start talking about it and ASK people if they are interested. Slowly she started talking about it and having connecting conversations with people in her community about it so when she finally announced the workshop and the date, she sold it out and even added a second date!!

When we are creating programs or events for our business, we can get hung up on so many things and ‘what-ifs’ inside our head. While we need to consider these things, we can’t get hung up on them. We need to take ACTION.

Take a minute and think about your program. If you only needed one thing for it to be successful, what would that one thing be (yes I know u need more, let’s pretend for a second). Clients? Yes because without that, nothing else really matters anyway.

So how are you getting them there? ASK them. That’s it...my tip of the week.

The best tool you can have for having a great take up (conversion) rate for any program you offer is a funnel.

Not a kitchen funnel or funnel cake, although, I think the cake can help in several situations.

In the simplest terms, a funnel is a way to collect and host your potential clients or clients information. You get to choose your comfort level. It could be an email list, a Facebook group, an excel spreadsheet, pen and paper (even though the last two would be quite cumbersome).

If you are just starting out, this is a great place to start and you can do it yourself! If you are growing a small community already, it would be beneficial to recruit some help in setting something up!

Do you have a funnel?

If you are growing a small community and looking to launch your first program but don’t know where to even begin, start by ASKING your community what they want. Create a post or 5, make a poll, invite your TRIBE on a free call with you and find out!

Post below, how are you going to ask your community what they want?

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