• Jessica Burrell

Why forming genuine connections with your community is the quickest way to results.

I was craving to grow my business in a real way, trying to find the perfect funnel, the perfect launch program, even toyed with different programs to create. Then I stopped and realized I had the perfect solution to getting quick results in my business ALREADY!

A year earlier I started a local meet up called TRIBE. It's a women's empowerment group that was born from a deep desire for community. I curated speakers and locations...but what I was also doing was creating real relationships with the women who attended.

You know...those genuine connections everyone is saying you really need to grow your business. I was doing it with women who showed up for the first time or the 5th.

Once that clicked for me, I started to notice something INCREDIBLE:

by me really getting to know my TRIBE and taking a genuine interest in them turned them into not only the event's biggest fans, but mine as well.

  1. There are so many examples of how putting the focus on the relationship has grown my business:

  2. They kept coming back monthly for in person meet ups

  3. They are the best form or marketing I have

  4. They tell everyone they know about it and bring new people each month

  5. As I have expanded and grown to a second location, they have even reached out to their friends in the other communities to tell them about TRIBE and it took significantly less time to build up and sell out in the second location

  6. Sold out my first group program at 100% conversion

It has even helped me grow my business to the next level -- working with aspiring female entrepreneurs to start their own businesses!

Where have you seen the impact of forming genuine relationships with your community?

Don't you just love to celebrate breakthroughs your clients have!?

One of my clients was selling products with an MLM, and she loved it but wasn't seeing a ton of success. She came to me with a desire to grow to the next level of herself and her business.

One of the things we worked on was for her to dive deeper into her own authenticity practice in order for her to have a more genuine connection with her TRIBE.

Although she admitted to me that she felt uncomfortable at first, she found quickly that the more real she was, the faster her relationships and bottom line, grew.

Her clients were able to relate to her easily and it opened the door for her to grow more genuine connections with them and the sales were the natural outcome from there. Plus...she started to have so much more fun in the process!

Do you see this in your own business - being your most authentic self is really the gateway to connect and grow the connections with your TRIBE?

Are you looking to quickly create genuine connections with your community? Start with this: BE REAL, be yourself. So simple yet not totally easy. What I know for sure is that when you be YOU, your (real) TRIBE will relate to you so much more and make it quicker to start that relationship that we all know leads to them wanting to work with you and big results along the way!

I want to let you in on little secret...this is the BEST tool I've found to form the best connections!

In person meet ups!!! Do this as much as possible. There is nothing like physically being with people to lift your energy, bounce conversations back and forth and really get to know your community!!

Logistical issues, no problem, I got you there too! Get off the phone!!! Instead, do video and group chats instead!! There are a ton of free (and nearly free options)...and isn't it so much better when we can hear and SEE each other!!

Do you use these tools to meet up in person??

There is nothing like creating genuine connections by being your authentic self and meeting in person as much as possible.

So I have a fun little challenge for you today!!

Connect with at least 2 people that you have zero intention of doing business with, just to get to know them a little better. Show up (preferably, in person), be yourself and see what unfolds.

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