• Jessica Burrell

The easier it is to run your business the more profitable it will be.

When I first started my business a few years ago, terms like ‘alignment’ and ‘ease’ sounds like great buzz words to use but I honestly couldn’t articulate them when I was talking about my own business.

Working hard and hustling isn’t easy, it’s hard but it’s also what I thought was necessary to run a business. But the bigger problem was that it wasn’t working for me...I was getting nowhere no matter how hard I was pushing.

I decided to make some changes because I couldn’t keep going at that pace. I took a look at what I was doing that I LOVED doing and started to focus on that. How could what was fun and easy for me start to grow into a business. Once I did that, everything shifted.

I was doing all the same work that I was forcing into my business before but suddenly it became easier. It was less effort to be consistent and people were responding. The energy I was putting out there really shifted and others could feel that.

It felt inflow to reach out to my audience and make offers to help them make changes in their life and business. It wasn’t long until I was making real money in my business. NOT just a hobby anymore.

If you are running a business and aren’t feeling the alignment and ease, it’s time to ask yourself WHY NOT!?

One way I did this was to start looking at everything I did in a week.

In fact, I would say to grab a sheet of paper and write it ALL down.

Look at those items and start to evaluate them, how much time are you spending on each of them. What do you LOVE to do? What feels easy, what feels hard, what feels uncomfortable.

Quick tip for you this week -- without changing what you do, just shift the amount of time you do certain things...namely, find a way to spend a bit more time on the things that feel fun and easy for you and see how your week changes.

Comment below - have you ever done that before, why or why not?

As we talk about alignment and ease in our business, I don’t want it to be confused with comfort. As entrepreneurs, we have to get uncomfortable often...but discomfort does not equal hard. The question is how can this be easy...so while we are moving through discomfort and quite possibly vulnerability, we need to acquire specific tools in our box to move through this. The best tool I can recommend to help move us through discomfort is an accountability partner. Find another entrepreneur who is feeling the same as you and create a schedule to hold each other accountable. Talk or message and share ‘I’m working through something uncomfortable but necessary in my business, don’t let me skip it, please check in with me by Friday’....this way they can hold the space for you and also gives you a deadline. Then you get to do the same for them because if they are showing up in their business they will have to move through the discomfort too!

Do you have an accountability partner?

NOW...It’s time to chase the FUN! One of the best challenges my coach gave me was to chase the fun and now I’m challenging you!

For one week, focus on all the fun things you do in your business. Give yourself permission to chase the fun and share it with your community. After a week, send me a message to celebrate the shifts you or your community made!

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