Thai Shrimp Curry

While I was digging through the freezer to look for chicken breasts, I came across a bag of shrimp we had gotten on sale a few months ago. I knew exactly what I wanted to make! Thai Shrimp Curry! I've only ever cooked with curry once but it's one of my favourite dishes to order. 


3c mixed veggies (I like carrots, peppers, celery and snow peas)
1/2c low sodium chicken/vegetable broth
2 tbsp red thai curry paste
1c coconut milk (carton, not canned)
1 tsp natural peanut butter
1lb cooked shrimp (deviened and peeled)
1c fresh pineapple chunks
brown basmati rice

     **I usually cook a large batch on Sunday and warm 1/2c per serving)



Stir fry some veggies in chicken/veggie broth till tender.

In a separate bowl mix red curry paste with coconut milk and 1 tsp peanut butter.

Once the veggies are soften (about 5 minutes) add the sauce, shrimp, pineapple chunks and snow peas.

Serve with brown basmati rice.


It was so yummy!!!

My man had 2 helpings.  

This dinner was the best thing I've ate all day, probably all week!!